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Diagnostic Test
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Diagnostic Test

Medical diagnostic tests encompass a wide variety of physical examinations—both invasive and non-invasive—given by medical professionals to confirm the presence or absence of illness/disease in patients.

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Accuracy and efficiency work together to deliver reliable test results with extremely short turnaround times.

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Our extensive and ever-expanding test repertoire includes molecular and genetic functions, and providing our clients with a wide range of testing options.

A diagnostic test is any kind of medical test that is performed to diagnose a condition, disease, or condition in people that exhibits a particular sign of a possible illness.

  • Allergy Profile
  • Diabetes Profile
  • Anemia profile
  • Diagnostic Test
  • Hair Loss
  • Hormone Profile (Male/Female)
  • PCR Test
  • Vitamin Deficiency
  • Wellness Check up
  • Weight Management Profile

The main purpose of diagnostic tests is to detect the disease, its prospects and how it spreads throughout the body. Diagnostic tests are widely used around the world, primarily to detect diseases, their prospects, and how they spread in the body.

Your doctor, geneticist, or health care professional may order diagnostic genetic testing. Your provider will ensure that the correct tests are ordered.

Also, the provider should explain what happens during the test, what the test knows and what it does not know. 

Everyone should think twice before being tested. Talking to a genetic counselor can help you through this process. Be sure to discuss the results thoroughly with your doctor so that you understand what the results mean for you now, in the future, and for your family.

Doctors may determine that it is an inherited disorder, but diagnostic genetic testing is not available. In this situation, the diagnosis is made clinically or based on what the provider sees and observes. New tests are being developed as we learn more about the disease and its causes. Diagnosis is not treatment. But it can help us better understand, prepare for, and treat our condition.

Accurate and efficient diagnostic procedures are essential for physicians to develop effective treatment plans, minimize complications and enable patients to recover as quickly as possible.

It is often used to discover the underlying problem that the patient first sought medical attention for.

Diagnostic tests may be invasive and non-invasive. Invasive means penetrating the skin or entering the body, non-invasive means breaking the skin or entering the body.

The Ottawa Hospital Diabetes Type 2

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Your blood is probably the best indicator of what’s going on in your body.

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