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Double Chin Thread Lift

Double Chin Removal

Thread lift has become one of the most preferred anti-aging cosmetic treatments. It is used to subtly rejuvenate the facial skin and resculpt the face shape resulting in more defined features and a youthful appearance. This non-invasive treatment is embraced by many people (including celebrities) all over the world because it is relatively safe and, yet, effective.

The advantages of a thread lift technique are its relative safety and simplicity, affordable cost, minimal downtime, less risk and pain than other invasive procedures with almost immediately noticeable results. There are also other things you need to know about this revolutionary technique. Let’s dig deeper.

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A thread lift (or thread facelift) is also called “lunchtime facelift” or “weekend facelift” because the procedure is quite simple and generally takes one hour to complete, often without anesthesia.

In this treatment, medical threads (which are made out of PDO – a dissolvable suture material) will be inserted into targeted areas in the face or in the neck with a small needle and then be pulled tight to create a lifting and tightening effect on underlying muscles. The threads also stimulate fibroblasts to produce more natural collagen, which creates a “volumizing” and rejuvenating effect. Facial wrinkles will be erased and sagging skin will be lifted, resulting in more youthful-looking skin and more defined facial features.


A V-line face shape can be easily attained with a thread lift treatment. The threads will be inserted into the cheeks and chin to create a lifting and tightening effect, which results in a smaller and more well-defined face shape with a pointy chin and smooth yet defined jaw lines.


Thread lifts are considered a low-risk procedure with minimal recovery time, but side effects of redness, bruising, and swelling do occur.


This procedure can be performed in about 45 minutes, and, if you want to, you can go right back to work afterward. Finding a trained, licensed provider is the key to a safe, effective thread lift.


The procedure for thread lift may be slightly different depending on the area you’re targeting as well as your provider’s preferences. The basic technique is usually the same.

  • You’ll be asked to recline in the room where your procedure is being performed. Alcohol, as well as topical anesthetic, will be applied to your skin as it’s prepped for surgery.
  • A thin needle or cannula will be used to insert the threads underneath your skin. Inserting the threads can take 30 to 45 minutes.
  • After the threads are inserted, the method of insertion will be removed. You may feel light pressure or tightening under your skin.
  • Within a few minutes of the needles being taken out, your procedure will be complete and you’ll be free to go home.


Recovery after a successful thread lift is quite minimal. While there may be some visible swelling and bruising, you can go back to work right away if you’d like.

Results should be apparent right after the threads are put into place, but you may notice more in the days and weeks right after they are inserted, as swelling and bruising starts to subside.

Results from a thread lift aren’t meant to be permanent. Successful effects typically last from 1 to 3 years. Like other dissolvable dermal fillers, such as Botulinum toxin, the threads used in the procedure will eventually be absorbed by the tissue underneath your skin.

After a thread lift, you can resume your normal routine. Your provider may advise you not to rub your face vigorously and to avoid sleeping on your side in the initial weeks following the procedure.

The Surgeons at Fattan Polyclinic advises that you skip your daily moisturizer for the first few weeks after a thread lift, and sleep with your head propped up to avoid rolling over onto the newly placed sutures.

You’ll also be advised to avoid saunas and high intensity workouts for the first week or so after the thread lift is performed.


The Thread Lift comes with relatively no side effects, thanks to how non-invasive the procedure is. Patients who want to undergo the treatment don’t need to worry about getting scars, bruises, and other major complications.

However, in extremely rare cases, they may experience irritation and infection. Still, it’s easy to fix and reverse the problems since the Thread Lift treatment is a non-surgical procedure.


Since the Thread Lift treatment involves the injection of PDO threads, they can easily be absorbed by the skin and slowly dissolve as time passes. Due to this, Thread Lift generally lasts for one to three years only.

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