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Cat Eye Thread by Collagen

Cat Eye Lift with Thread Lift

A new trend is the Fox or Cat Eye Lift which is a non-surgical brow and temple lift using threads. Using a very thin needle to place the threads under the skin to lift the lateral eyebrows toward the temples creates a cat-like tilt of the eyes. The PDO threads are not permanent, but as they dissolve, they stimulate your own collagen which creates firming and tightening for about a year.

Cat-eye lift is the latest trend in cosmetic treatments that are rising and taking Hollywood by storm. Every other celebrity is opting for it to get attractive Bella eyes. Cat eyes have always been a hot favorite feature of women all over the globe. Cat eyeliners and still trendy in makeup. So, to make it possible for you to have cat eyes, a new procedure has been introduced in the market known as Cat Eye Lift.

Since it is a new treatment, many people are not aware of the details of its procedure. Therefore, we have decided to guide you about the cat eye lift procedure.



Cat eye lift is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed by using the thread lift method. It involves inserting self-dissolving threads into the skin that draw the eyebrow and the skin on the sides of the eye into the desirable cat eye shape. In this way, you can achieve your goal without undergoing any surgery.


Cat eye lift requires only 30-60 minutes for completion and is performed under local anesthesia. You don’t have to stay in the hospital overnight.

During the procedure, a small stitch is made under the skin right next to the eye through which threads are inserted. The surgeon then pulls the skin to the side of the eye and eyebrow. During the cat eye lift procedure, the face is not pulled into a new position which preserves the natural facial expressions. The threads used in the treatment not only tighten the skin but also stimulate the production of collagen. 

Moreover, these threads are kept under the skin because they are self-dissolving. The body breaks them down and leaves no residue. As a result, you get seductive cat eyes. No significant wound is created during the treatment. Therefore, no wound treatment is required.

Recovery after this type of thread lift is quite simple and minimal. However, there will be some swelling and bruising on your face for some time. But thankfully, this inflammation won’t affect your personal and work life. You will be allowed to return home right away. But it should be pointed out that you may not notice results immediately since inflammation can take some time to wear off.

Of course. This non-surgical treatment is aimed at creating Bella Eyes for quite a long time. It offers outstanding, unique, long-lasting results by discreetly raising the eyebrows and fixing the sagging of the upper eyelids. For most patients, the upshots last between 2 to 3 years. Moreover, dynamic clinic has experienced and highly trained surgeons to perform Cat Eye Lifts, so cheer up, I’m sure that your surgery will be successful and you won’t get poor results here.

It is a reliable, outstanding, and delicate non-surgical solution for women who want to enhance the eyes, especially upper eye lids. It offers shocking results and has no downtime which greatly contributes to its popularity.

If you want to get seductive cat eyes without going under the knife, then cat eye lift is the best option for you. Its results can last for approximately 1-2 years. However, do consult an expert before taking any decision. He/she will examine your skin thoroughly before suggesting the treatment. You can visit Fattan Polyclinic to get the treatment at an affordable price. We offer a free consultation to all our patients who want to get expert advice. All you need to do is, fill in the form below or call us to book an appointment.

I’ve tried my very best to provide you information that may help you better understand Cat Eye Lift in Dubai. But if you still need any further details, feel free to contact us. With our simple online schedule consultation forms, you can book an appointment with us.

If you are considering Cat Eye Thread Lift Dubai, it’s very important to find the right (licensed & experienced) provider for getting it. It’s best that you meet three to four surgeons and then make any final decision.

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