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A key to a healthy lifestyle is not only concentrating on your body, but also on your mind. At Fattan Clinic, we aim to help you disconnect from the daily stress and reality by letting you unwind with our high-end wellness treatments such as hamam, Iv-therapy, steam bath and milk bath.

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Give your skin the beauty treatment it deserves! Take a day out at our wellness palor and indulge in all that we have on offer and more!


Milk Bath

The milk bath is a special wet treatment designed to improve your skin condition. Amongst other benefits, the milk bath experience offers skin improvement and beautification, body relaxation, and hair treatment.

Take a dip and experience:

Skin Exfoliation

The lactic acid content in milk helps remove dead skin cells from your skin, promoting the production of new skin cells. The milk bath is beneficial in exfoliating your skin without using any body scrub products or creams. After a milk bath, your skin is sure to be softer and smoother.

Smooth and Moisturised Skin

The milk treatment is sure to leave your skin smooth and moisturised. The hydrating effect of the treatment on your skin ensures that your skin is supple, smooth and free of wrinkles. Take in the rich vitamins, proteins and fat to get your skin feeling smooth, soft as silk, and protected from dryness and cracking.

Skin Treatment and Relaxation

The milk bath is the ultimate skin rejuvenation and treatment procedure. Milk containing protein and fat contents, amino acids, lactic acid, vitamins A, D and E offers a superior skin treatment and rejuvenation properties. The milk doesn’t just help with skin treatment; it also bestows a calming effect on skin irritation and even more on your body and mind.

A milk bath is an excellent way to revive your mind after an exhaustive period.

Hair treatment

The hydrating effect of milk bath does not only benefit your skin, it is also a perfect way to moisturise your hair. Soaking your hair in the milk bath can rejuvenate and keep your hair hydrated.


Want to give your skin that lush treatment? Book in with us today by following the link.

Remember, when you walk through our doors, be sure to ask for the many skin nourishment and treatment we have just for you.


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Ever wonder how the Persians of old kept their skin feeling like silk?

The skin treatment regime that men and women look and stand like gods and goddesses is available for you today to experience its full beauty.


A Turkish bath experience is the ultimate beauty regime for all who desire a beautiful skin. This beauty cleansing and relaxation bath is an immersive affair geared to leaving you feeling relaxed, and your skin, smooth and supple.

The Turkish Bath

The Turkish bath process is similar to a sauna but different in its process. The Turkish bath is a full process of immersive relaxation and intense skin treatment starting with a continuous blast of hot air in an enclosed room. After a period, bathers are moved to an even hotter room to allow the body freely perspire, opening up the pores, freeing all debris, dead skin, and clogged sebum.

After this, the bathers enjoy a full body wash in cold water, after which they go on to receive a relaxing full knuckle massage.

On completion of the procedure, bathers are left to relax in a cooling room to fully assimilate the entire body work.


This rejuvenate process, lost to time is found and available for your pleasure at our wellness palor. We accept pre-booking of up to 24hrs. Follow the link to get started.

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Indulge in a relaxing moment when you come under our care for a full body scrub. Take in the sweet smelling aromas of natural herbs and oils, blended with rich mineral salts to help you achieve that warm, relaxing feel.

Our skin scrub treatment is primed to deeply moisturise, stimulate and cleanse. The highly stimulating and invigorating scrub will leave your skin smooth and your mood uplifted.

To achieve our purpose, we make use of only natural essential oils the likes of rosemary, bay and cinnamon, grapefruit, cypress, eucalyptus leave, menthol, and lime. Our choice of moisturising oils includes sweet almond and coconut to leave your skin deeply moisturised and smooth.

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For that sculpted look, look no further from us – SBC! Indeed, we help you take care of yourselves and help you find that great look that you desire.

At SBC, we offer a body trimming service that is clean, smooth and devoid of irritations. Our specialized service is tailored to offer you the best body hair treatment you can find in any part of the globe.

Take a moment, and give us the reins!

Let us take you through the motions of premium body hair trimming treatment that is sure to leave you looking and feeling great.

Our body trimming service is available to both men and women.

We offer full body hair trimming, partial body hair trimming and intimate trimming.

Engage our services today!

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