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Toothpaste Massage

Get the Best Toothpaste with Cavity Protection, Teeth Whitening & Fresh Breath

Rubbing toothpaste onto your teeth enhances fluoride protection by 400%.
So, you tossed in your favorite mint toothpaste inside your bag but forgot to bring along your toothbrush? Our Dubai dental clinic experts are here to tell you not to worry! Specialists state massaging toothpaste onto your teeth with your finger is equally as efficient as a third brushing.
Scientists have continued to the first clinical evaluation of a “high-fluoride” non-prescription toothpaste that was introduced in Sweden thirteen years ago. This specific brand name was targeted at those with elevated risk for dental caries.
Sixteen volunteers were evaluated with a variety of brushing methods, utilizing either common toothpaste or the “high-fluoride” brand name. Volunteers combed their teeth two or 3 times a day.
Volunteers that used the high-fluoride toothpaste 3 times a day had 4 times higher fluoride security than those that used typical toothpaste twice a day.
An additional approach checked which entailed massaging toothpaste onto the teeth with a finger showed similarly as effective as a 3rd brushing.
 This ‘massage’ approach showed to be a minimum of as reliable as a 3rd brushing in increasing the quantity of fluoride in the mouth, Rubbing the front of your teeth with toothpaste can be a simple method of giving your teeth a 3rd “shot” of fluoride during the day, after lunch for example. But this needs to not change brushing with a fluoride toothpaste early morning and night– it’s an extra.

Tips from the scientists include:
Use toothpaste a minimum of twice a day, after breakfast and also before going to bed.
If essential, clean a 3rd time or massage on some toothpaste instead.
If you have problems with dental caries, select toothpaste with higher fluoride material.
Avoid rinsing out the toothpaste with water.

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